Three Components of Rapture

Three Components of Rapture

[Both Sides of Joy]

Happiness, joy and bliss hold very unique perspectives. Though interchangeable, each carries a significant attribute.

It can be ascertained that there exists a hierarchy—levels of sensation—within rapture, namely: happiness, joy and bliss. Respectively, they are sequential, practically speaking. Though, if you meet God somewhere, I trust you’d go instantly into bliss.

Happiness begets joy and joy begets bliss. They are all anchored in the moment. And by being in a peaceful state, whether in meditation or in a dance, serves to make happiness, joy and bliss a rooted experience.

Rapture does not belong to any one religion. More so, in today’s world, ecstasy would be a better substitute for rapture. Being in a state of rapture doesn’t come often, if at all. Rapture could be the circumstance you devoted your whole life to achieve. For most, rapture is considered as the final or ultimate experience.

Most of our emotions lead to some form of a feeling. It’s a vibration that can be understood. Eating ice cream makes me happy. Let’s consider the state of happiness solely as a private matter. It’s personal to one’s own unique perception. Something can make you happy, but to another person’s perception, it could be grief.

If you were standing perfectly still on a clear warm beautiful day and saw two butterflies dancing in front of you, wouldn’t there be a gentle sense of happiness echoing throughout your body. That’s a beautiful vibration that leads to one’s expression of happiness or until a bird flew by and snatched one of the butterflies.

Sustaining happiness, as much as possible throughout the day, puts “Cause and Effect” into a positive momentum. From this position, the character of an individual demonstrates a sense of confidence, which generally can be admired.

Joy, in comparison to happiness, occurs were one’s expressions tend to be shared: like celebrating a social circumstance. “Joy to the world” is a familiar phrase and accurately defines joy. The essence of joy derives from making another person or pet, happy. Gatherings, parties, celebrations are depositories for joy. They make you happy just to be there and participate.

At a wedding where the bride is just about ready to throw the bouquet, sense the collective joy, without discrimination. Everybody is sharing his or her unique sense of happiness. Best of all, joy is fun. It’s also very human.

With happiness and joy—the two building blocks of rapture—we now explore bliss. When you have a super-great feeling, that’s bliss. It’s like a light bulb—once lit—it radiates. Nothing in the mind matters at this point. It’s an eruption of happiness and joy combined. You can feel your energy expand into the Universe. All becomes one and you are the focus of it all.

It is safe to say that bliss, like happiness, is private and personal to one’s character. It doesn’t occur too often, and when it does, you know very well that that event generated an ultimate experience. Bliss prompts one into a divine sensation with ascending vibrations, and that is something we all get once in a while.

An example of experiencing bliss occurs soon after you have done a physical and emotional purge. As your body and mind detoxifies and releases illnesses and stress, it becomes freer. You begin to enter a state of peace, which in turn intrinsically propels feeling of bliss. Again, nothing matters. You are actually free from the physical: at least momentarily, that is.

Remember that first kiss with the one you loved? All your thoughts were gone. Did you realize all that unconditional love experienced when a newborn baby looked into your eyes? Didn’t you feel Godlike?

Be grateful for bliss as it knows no boundaries. It’s a gift that can’t be manipulated. Serving as the footprint for rapture, this is what living in Unity Consciousness is all about.


Have Fun. Peace and Health,

Dr. Robert V. Gerard

© 2015


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Your Ultimate Goal Is Your Divine Expression

Within your Divine Expression, you have achieved having a beautiful and positive attitude, a healthy body, an excellent sense of inner peace, and carry a zeal for sharing this most sacred achievement—your Ultimate Goal. Did you ever see a very happy grandma? She is simply a great person, isn’t she?

To achieve your Ultimate Goal, you need to come to terms with your present reality: knowing your past, living in this moment, and where is your Life really moving towards. It’s all a matter of self-perception, constant awareness, and the driving forces of creativity and hope. Once satisfied, you’ll need commitment and motion. To be determined that you can succeed as a Human-Spiritual Being is paramount.

All this takes time, and that is what Life is about, using your time, while you have it! So, take the time to BE, to SEE, and to EXPRESS. All this perpetuates your Ultimate Change, which is an eternal process.

How Can the “DNA Self-Healing Program for Ultimate Change” Affect Me?

It improves the quality of your Life. You are back in control, independent of virtually everything and everybody, except for your mind and heart. When your mind and heart are in balance, and you hold the instruments of ultimate change in your hands, you will go exactly where you need to go.

Best of all, it is all a natural process. There are no diets, no pills, no one to follow, no rejections: just you and the techniques provided.

It is only common sense that the majority of the world’s population seeks a higher perspective on Life. What people are really asking for is a better understanding of whom they are, what is the purpose of Life, and where are they going: their mission. Ask yourself: Do you want more out of Life? Do you desire to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and lucky?

But then again, you may ask: how? There are many avenues to approach, many of which are risky, over indulging, and not worth the effort. Improving Life is in the back of the minds and hearts of most people. Simply put, they want to get ahead. They want change.

Here’s how you can begin a journey of change without risking anything and subtly transform your Life naturally. The DNA Self-Healing Program for Ultimate Change begins with this book. It serves as your foundation, your launching pad, so to speak. As you progress, you will be guided on what to do and how that should be done. It is content and results driven; there is no rush.

The DNA Self-Healing Program for Ultimate Change extends itself as an intriguing self-learning experience, which may be processed over time as you feel comfortable doing. The First Part is getting through this book and performing the First and Second DNA Activations. Evaluate your new perceptions and increased awareness. Journal them. Then self-pace yourself through the rest of the DNA Activations, which must be performed sequentially. Within this process, you will have a variety of Self-Healing techniques, and as an option, ZeRo Point Healing Sessions under the guidance of the authors. You, therefore, have a proven Program that can dramatically change your Life, the way you see yourself and the way you see the world.

Understand that there is nominal involvement with the DNA Self-Healing Program for Ultimate Change, should you continue beyond this book. How you proceed through the Program is your choice. The results gained will be your measuring stick, but judge for yourself: the rewards are Life-long.

Foremost, you need to get to the point where you truly trust what the Program is doing for you. The more you trust and repeatedly use the Program and the DNA Activations, the more you will witness positive and subtle changes within you physically and around you, environmentally. Over time, your inner and outer worlds will bring forth more awareness, better health, more energy, more creativity, and well-being. Life will actually flow better for you.

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Your Earthly Mission

Your Earthly Mission
One of your primary purposes on this planet is self-mastery: knowing yourself and your Purpose-in-Life, Mission and Destiny. This requires utmost change, dedication and acquired knowledge.
As you embark on this journey, your primary objective is learning how to live in the moment, attaining Inner Peace and eventually, World Peace. Your challenges serve as your agents of change. You need to learn how to reveal your gifts of Life, eliminate the fears of your past and the burdens of expectation placed upon your future.
Ultimate Change can be described as your freedom of expression. Clear thought. Total wisdom. Total recall of knowledge: instantly. Living life in this mode increases your perception of your inner and outer worlds. You are empowered, enlightened. You are the embodiment of Divine Consciousness. You, the Master, are one with GOD—Father-Mother ONE—Source of ALL.

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New Book Release … “Hands of Peace”

“Hands of Peace” is about attaining “INNER PEACE” and learning how that achievement leads to generating “OUTER PEACE.” Two aspects of this book are: the Meaning of Peace and Expanding Peace. There are 57 Chapters, many Action-Techniques, and Codes of Resolution. The First limited edition also includes the DNA Activation for World Peace.

Hands of Peace Book

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The Desire for “A World in Peace…”

The desire for “A World in Peace” stimulates a person’s DNA to become receptive of God’s Plan and Energy in order to Expand Peace in the Universe.

The difference between instinct and desire must be understood.

Free Will is what separates instinct from choice. Beyond the animal kingdom of instinct, humans have the pre-creative process of desire. Desire is not a want to fulfill a need, but rather an extension of a probability which generates a creative fulfillment.

The notion of “Making Love” is beyond the human instinctual need. Generally, animals do not make love. They simply have a sexual union. The notion of Making Love has been virtually downplayed to infer having sex. In reality, Making Love truly means creating the “Space for Love” and ultimately, to bring in the Soul of a Child.

In a similar sense, the “Desire for Peace” means setting the vibration from which the Essence for Peace is seeded. The desire to stimulate one’s DNA Consciousness for Peace underscores the Divine Process to propagate “A World in Peace”. (Excerpted from the upcoming book “Hands of Peace”)

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Faltering Duality

“Good verses Evil” has become the world’s nightmare. American politics, drug wars, oil wars, terrorists wars provide hardship, chaos and hopelessness to the majority of good loving people. Why so few can cause such devastation? What absence of intellectualism in American politics keeps the nation divided and restricted? How can the minds of a few notorious leaders watch innocent people die for the sake of his power, even worse, the followers of such scrupulous people?

I often wonder if God’s design to use evil as a motivator for positive change and hope has failed Him. Has evil become self-governed? Has evil assumed the role of social cancer? “Divided we fall” is a well know cliche, however, it has taken a stronger ground hold as being an obvious and devastating behavior. It must be corrected! People must be educated to unite and seek a unity consciousness from a global perspective.

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Superman’s Crystal Cave

A great moment has arrived for all those loyal fans of Superman. In fact, it’s an awesome discovery for everyone in the world. History has been sanctified.

Recently, in Mexico, where Superman’s father planned the Earth home for his son, a cave was discovered. Buried a thousand feet below the Naica Mountains in the Chihuahuan Desert, one can visit the ancient Cueva de los Cristales (Cave of the Crystals). These caves hold the energy and secrets of Superman and proves that he was not a fictitious myth, instead a real legend. When you visit these caves, you will witness the largest know natural crystals, some of which measure over 36 feet. Enjoy the photos on

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The Genetic Peace Grid

The Ancient Mystery Schools tell us that The Holy Spirit desires to accelerate and expand within the human genome [DNA coding]. As individuals activate their DNA, a behavioral anchor is established. This gives The Holy Spirit a direct link into creation on the Earth Plane. With that in place, The Holy Spirit can generate “A World in Peace”. How? Genetically! At the physical level our DNA Codes can set forth cellular memory and behavior required to stimulate our external environment. 

Within our DNA, there is a very unique field of consciousness that reflects our Divine origins. I have a particular interest in this field of consciousness because of its behavior—expanding and uniting with similar fields. I believe that these fields serve humanity and generate a unifying field of social-consciousness.

 On a global level, the collective expression of this field of consciousness is what I term the “Genetic Peace Grid.” The “Grid” is beyond philosophical theory. More concretely, it is anchored into physical DNA. Herein lies the key principle—the Genetic Peace Grid functions behaviorally. In this behavior, the genetic properties of our royalty—that is, our Divine Nature—becomes our environment. Read the Article … “Genetic Peace Grid”

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Expanding Into Your Divine Nature

Everything on this planet derives itself from Nature. Humans have an added component: Creativity. With Creativity we can communicate and change Nature. This is our Divine inheritance. Though this gift of change can be misused, we find humanity moving towards reclaiming beauty and peace as our Birthright. Within your DNA the codes exist to make this happen. Each of us has the capacity to expand into his or her Divine Nature.

The following ten elements or laws serve as guidelines for you to consider as you expand into the higher realms of your Divine Nature:

1.      Not lying to Self

2.      Being accurate and honest with others

3.      Constantly communicating with Spirit/God/Infinite Being

4.      Consciously Living in the Moment

5.      Being Spontaneous

6.      Embracing Spirit and giving gratitude

7.      Being “detached” and expressing “Unconditional Love”

8.      Seeing “Beauty and Good” in all things

9.      Creating Beauty in all your intents, thoughts and actions

10.  Feeling amazed and enchanted about Life and the Love for Life

 Put these elements into action and you will change your “Inner” and “Outer” Environments.

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Your Purpose In Life

Do you know your purpose in life? Are you truly aware of what motivates you to express your truth and feelings of bliss? Relatively few people do, though, all this will soon change. The first key reason supporting this change happens to be the current onslaught of techno-social economic pressures which are eroding mankind. The other factor concerns your divine-biological alarm clocks are beginning to ring; waking you up to be more accountable for your Life’s purpose.

The advent of global politics, economy, and social survival demand that you either step forward into your higher and truer-Self as an unique individual and grow, or become controllably integrated into a cultural collapsing melting pot.

Tragically speaking, cultural diversity is disappearing, and so is your individual and ancestral heritage. You are rapidly migrating into a techno-consumer driving consciousness. It’s addictive! This modality of existence erodes creative individual expression, except for a privileged few. This survival consciousness directly opposes your Divine Unity Consciousness.

The need for “Purpose in Life” becomes urgent when you realize that your civil liberties and creative pursuits dwindle; and when the pressures of survival force you to re-think your purpose and mission. Fortunately, for many of you, the Divine Codes of Purpose within your DNA are becoming activated.

(Note: This article is an excerpt of the Treatise “The Collective Psycho-Social Imprints of the Individual’s Genetic Codes (DNA) Directly Effect the Rudiments of Society’s Life Purpose” presented at the UNESCO Conference in Moscow on June 2, 2002.)

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